Yanela Ntlauzana is the brainchild behind the concept and here is why: - Yanela was a Mrs South Africa semi-finalist 2019 and before entering Mrs South Africa she, like many people had the idea pageants were about beauty and vanity.

Yanela quickly discovered there was so much more to the pageants than this, having looked deeper into them and seeing their greater involvement in charity, community and business engagements. Miss Africa UK is a great platform for the contestants to flourish.

The aim is for the winner to represent the whole ethos as a brand ambassador, advocate for good causes and really shine through as having so much more depth and community engagement than simply being beautiful.

The whole concept is about empowering women to illustrate the changing face of the pageants by inviting women who really have a lot more to them then outer beauty. Women who are real, relatable, strong, brave, bold and driven Yanela is passionate about the pageant and what it will stand for as described having researched the Africa pageants immensely.

Yanela established a gap in the market. It was apparent there was no platform for African women who have settled in the UK. African women have been seen to be very family orientated and typically/traditionally put family and everyone and everything else before

The Africa UK Pageant is a fantastic platform to showcase African woman who can represent beauty as well as female empowerment which is really the way the UK pageant formula is now, yet there is no pageant for African women in the UK. The aim is to implement this change and create a ripple effect of strong and beautiful African British empowering women in business, community and society as a whole while balancing all other aspects of their lives.

The search begins for women with African descent who are keen to unleash the strong woman that is in each and everyone us. Women who are passionate, determined, motivated and eager to make a difference to themselves and to other women and the public race. Africa UK Pageants Empowerment Programme has now reached out to the PR company

The Edge Events who have embraced the concept and will be organising the VIP final guest list together with all the finer details/press release for the showcase launch ahead of the very first ever Mrs Africa UK and Miss Plus Africa UK 2020 as well as other future projects.

If you would like to attend or sponsor the event please get in touch with Lynette on

#mrsafrica #manchesterevents

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