Sapporo Teppanyaki

I've always been a sucker for a teppanyaki, associating it with special occasions and holidays - in fact the last time we went was for my sister's birthday back in January. So I was super excited this month when we were lucky enough to be invited in to try out Sapporo Teppanyaki's new menu and oh, my, days, what a menu!

We couldn't decide what to order because we wanted everything so we decided to go for a tasting menu each. Again, not being able to decide which one of those we wanted, one of us got the Samurai and one the Emperor.

Included on the Samurai is:

• miso wakame soup served with namasu salad • vegetable spring roll • prawn tempura • maki sushi • sirloin steak • sea bass • king prawns •served with egg fried rice, stir fried vegetables and sapporo potatoes

and on the Emperor:

• miso wakame soup served with namasu salad • nigiri sushi • barbeque ribs • smoked chicken roll • half lobster • beef fillet • jumbo prawns • chicken fillet • served with egg fried rice, stir fried vegetables and sapporo potatoes

Suffice to say, we did not go hungry.

Once we had ordered, the food just started coming, with what seemed like wave after wave of new food arriving. Whilst we were getting stuck into our miso soup our super friendly chef appeared and got started on the sapporo potatoes. These potatoes form the start of the entertainment as the chef, through sheer incredible coordination, manages to effectively flick a potato slice at everyone's mouth. I'm glad to say my mouth-eye coordination is a lot better than my hand-eye and I actually managed this first time round (something I am incredibly proud of, even a week later!).

Then came the starters, which were beautifully presented and delicious. I've got to say though, the absolute highlight were the barbecue ribs from the Emperor menu. They were drop-off-the-bone tender and super tasty. I'd go back just for them.

Then came the veg. At Sapporo the food is served as and when it is ready and then you eat it straight away. This somehow makes for insanely tasty stir fried vegetables. Big recommend. Then the meat! And sheesh was there a lot of meat. Steak and lobster and prawns and sea bass and more prawns and more steak. This tasting menu is insanely generous with the meat. The star of the show truly was the beef fillet from the Emperor menu.

I've been so distracted by the food I've hardly told you about the show. As your dinner is cooked in front of you (which is pretty mesmerising as it is), the chef keeps you entertained with loads of tricks - making the night super fun and perfect for both family events (my nearly two year old niece LOVED IT) and date nights.

Like the look? You can find out more on their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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