Bottle Boys Hot Sauce

Have you ever noticed how much salt and sugar is added to your favourite hot sauce? It's loads and it's mainly to increase the shelf life and nothing to do with taste. Which is where Bottle Boys comes in.

This company, which started up last year have come up with the perfect recipe for any hot sauce lovers watching their salt and sugar intake - with the aim to include just the natural sugars found in each of their tasty ingredients.

And the Bottle Boys know all they need to know about hot flavours - with their whole staff taking part in the Hot Ones Challenge - eating 10 hot wings with the hottest sauce in the world in order to raise over £200 for charity.

Watch this space for a brand new website where you'll be able to buy their Scotch bonnet and blueberry sauce, Hot pepper and fried pineapple and Hot Pepper OG sauce. Until then you really need to pop on over to their Facebook page for updates on their sauces - which are truly in high demand.

Interested and want to find out more? We'd recommend liking their Facebook Page or following them on Instagram or Twitter.

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