Pot Kettle Black x Into The Gathering Dusk

Pot Kettle Black

Love gin and tonic?

You need to get down to Pot Kettle Black this Thursday 28th June! Pot Kettle Black have joined forces with Into The Gathering Dusk to bring you an evening of wild cocktail making in the Bakehouse & Boardroom.

Starting at 6pm, this workshop guests will learn about the medicinal and cultural history of tonic water as well as an introduction to the flavours and balance of the botanical ingredients. You'll even get to make your own unique blend to take away!

After the workshop you'll get to admire your efforts with your perfect gin and tonic whilst you mingle with other gin-lovers!

That's not all either- they're having a flash sale on tickets too! Grab your 25% off with the code BAKEHOUSEBOARDROOM - just click here to order now!

This is a great opportunity to check out Pot Kettle Black's new next door neighbour, the awesome Bakehouse & Boardroom - a cosy work and play room just for you. More daily bread than daily grind the Bakehouse & Boardroom extension of Pot Kettle Black provides an awesome spot to create your best ideas amongst the home-cooked smells of their artisan bakery. If you ever need a spot to hold a meeting or event just get in touch for the perfect blend of coffee and meeting room.

Want to find out more?

You can get tickets here!

Or you can visit Pot Kettle Black on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or their website.

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