Have you ever gone into a coffee shop, ready to get the laptop out for an afternoon of tea and work and ordered a tea for one only to be presented with about fifty pieces of crockery, taking over the entire table, inevitably spilling everywhere and requiring several trips to finish making, and clearing up the singular cup of tea you wanted? Or have you ever wanted a cup of tea whilst out with a bunch of friends in a busy coffee shop, only managed to grab that last table which was meant for two and cringed as the entire table is taken up with an unnecessary tea set?


Seriously guys Teapy is the singular most logical solution to the absolute mare ordering tea can turn out to be sometimes. Wonderfully simple, the Teapy T41 looks like a mug with a lid - but it's so much more. Not only can the lid carry a little jug thingy of milk so you can carry everything you need with one hand BUT you can also use the lid to pop your tea bag on when it's got to the right strength. This part also means you can also avoid shoddily made rush - job teas you might get in some pubs and restaurants who have tried to avoid the clutter problem by delivering your tea fully made to the table.

No one likes that.

Other benefits of the Teapy also include the aroma burst you get when you finally lift the lid because all those delicious aromatic oils are trapped - do you know what else is trapped? HEAT! Hot tea for the win! Not to mention the fact that its easier for the wait staff or caterers to prepare and tidy away.

I got so excited about that hot tea part that I've got one at home now for all those forgotten cups of tea. Oh and did I mention - the Teapy is microwaveable? Handy!

Where would you like to see the Teapy?

Want to find out more? Go check them out via Twitter or their website!

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