Fed up with low water pressure in your home, RV or caravan? Like to save water and energy? Ecocamel have the solution - and we have a discount for you!

Check out their beautiful collection of nifty shower heads which create a water efficient, powerful shower which actually use less water and less energy!

The Aircore Technology in each showerhead forces air into the water stream, increasing pressure inside the showerhead, forcing the water out of the head with all the power of a conventional shower while using less water. This translates to a saving of around 10,000 litres of water a year based on an average family of four!

Jess Klein reviewed her Ecocamel on Facebook 5 stars - "This is the best shower head I have ever owned. I will never use any other product after purchasing my ecocamel - I use them in both my house and my caravan and it makes showering a super experience, PLUS it's so much better for the environment so I don't feel guilty going over my 5 minutes!!"

Sound good? Its about to sound even better! Just pop the code BE30 in at the checkout to claim 30% off your cart!

You can visit the website here!

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