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Paige Pickering, Manchester Mummy!

Firstly, My Name is Paige Pickering, I am a young mum from the city of Manchester sharing my Journey talking all things; lifestyle, Photography, Opinions, Products I love and now Fashion.

The Big Announcement!!!

When I found out we were expecting a baby, I was really keen on keeping track of my pregnancy. I came across this amazing thing called 'Blogging'. As soon as I realised there was such thing and there was a lot more to just making a 'Blog' I was all over it! This was me down to a T. I mean, talking about my life, my feelings and sharing my experiences with everyone seemed such a great thing to do, to think I could be helping other mums out there who want to know things such as the best baby bottles I have used, what I dress my children in, the best nappies I've used or if there just genuinely interested in what I do in my everyday life then why the hell not share this information?

It was also a great way to interact and connect with other mummies in the same boat as myself, at some point we all need a little reassurance that everything is going to be ok, right?

I have been asked so many times in the past 'why did you start up a blog'? My answer originally was because I wanted to keep some form of diary of my journey. I now share my day to day lifestyle activities on my social media platform primarily being Instagram, with over 2k Followers which keeps on growing each day. I am always so thankful to everyone who takes the time to read my blog. I hope to always bring humour and positivity, yet be truthful about the everyday mum struggles we all face.

OK So, Why is it a good idea to keep a record of your journey becoming a mum?

For me, I felt this was the best way. It allowed myself to express my feelings and experiences in one place which I could go back on it and read through at any point in my life.

Becoming a mum life changing(nobody can deny that!) I mean don't get me wrong, the love you feel for this child the minute you give birth after carrying for 9 months is unquestionable. From there on the emotional roller coaster you will go through each day is so intense you seriously don't get time to sit back and digest everything. So for me this was an amazing idea.

Why do I still blog?

All for the same reasons with a little added extra. I love speaking to new people, I am a major peoples person, I promote everything I love and share my life with anyone who is interested.

I also have a strong love for Photography, especially outdoors with my family & dog (super cute Toy Poodle). I recently came across the famous 'Blogging Camera' called 'The Olympus Pen' the model I purchased was the EPL7. If you haven't heard about this camera you have now! I literally take my camera everywhere and take shots of anything and everything, I love uploading quality content mainly of me and my daughter (baby daddy is the photographer for this). I love being a mummy and what better way to express this with everyone than through shot's on my page?

I have also started sharing Fashion and Beauty products too, if I purchase a product which I love I will share it with everyone to express my opinion on why/what I like about it. Before I started blogging there's nothing I loved more than coming across an Instagram page and reading a review on a product especially if its something I already struggled to find such as skincare products. If I read a good review about something I will go ahead and purchase that product, probably that day too (Crazy I know but i'm a sucker for trying new things and sharing my love with you all). So of course, From then on I share in the same way because I found it super helpful!

So there you have it, my main reasoning on starting out a blog as a mum. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

If you have any questions that I may not have answered in this short Write Up head over to my Instagram and send me a cheeky DM, I wont bite!

Share the Love!

Paige Pickering, Manchester Mummy!



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