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So, I started my interior and lifestyle blogging journey in January this year, it was kind of a quick thing really, I just did it one day after we decided to start looking to buy a house that I wanted to start a blog and an Instagram about interiors and lifestyle. I couldn’t just stick to interiors, we don’t have a house that I can take photos of and share my ‘vision’ so I wanted to be able to keep up posts and be able to share other things that I love too!

Instagram has a been a huge platform for me, it has opened up a lot of different avenues. I have met likeminded people (my insta friends!), found accounts that are a great source of inspiration and that have given me ideas of what I want my home to be like, and networking opportunities. In the first few months I was approached through my blog by Country Living Magazine to appear in their Country Collections directory, I have had the great pleasure of working with some great insta shops, promoting and writing about what they do. ​ I am a people person and I love to promote and write about what I love, Instagram gives great coverage for this. You can update the links in your bio as much as you need, to direct followers to content you want them to see, whether it be your latest blog post or in my case currently the link to my voting page for the Amara Interior Blog Awards, in which I have been nominated as ‘Best Newcomer Blog’ (so do go vote for me!)

I also find that using posts themselves to direct followers to what you would like them to look at on your blog is very easy and effective. I use a photo that I have used in my blog post and write a bit about what I have been talking about, enough to get people interested and usually end on – ‘Check out the link in my bio’. The only downfall with Instagram is that you can’t post a live link in your caption so followers would have to copy and paste it into their browser. This is why I always put the newest link in my bio so followers can go straight to it with no faffing about! Because Instagram is so visual, it makes it much more accessible but your content needs to be good & interesting. That’s where good photography skills come in. I am still learning about what the best light & angles are for pictures, so they are not all perfect, there have been a few recently that I have been super pleased with. But it is about taking the time to play around and see what works, I take tons of photos of one thing, only to get one picture that I am happy with!

Every social media journey is different and I am still learning, I am sure one day I will get it spot on but until then I am just going to have fun and enjoy what I am doing! My top tips for using Instagram to promote or blog –

  • Research the most popular hashtags for your topic/theme.

  • Follow & interact with other accounts, networking and building relationships is key to good advocacy.

  • Always credit content if it’s not yours and be courteous, always ask permission before sharing other people’s photos.

  • Post regularly, no less than 3 times a week but no more than twice a day! #spamalert

  • Have fun and be you, there's no need to copy other people, people aren’t interested in that, they follow you for you!

Kelly X

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