Love You Manchester

Today I’ve been to Manchester with Chlo to do some vintage shoppin, brunchin and bloggin. Had a lovely day in the not so lovely weather, hunting for some clothes for Chlo’s up and coming hol and just for my life cause I’m an addict.

Today I wore my new favourite cropped and frayed jeans, I snatched up in the Topshop sale last week for £15. Topshop have 3 for 2 on all sale items at the moment and it’s well and truly f***ed my bank account.

I styled them with my black go-to Topshop boots and a very old wrap top from Topshop as well. Bit obsessed aren’t I. My necklace and belt were purchased in my rather large, recent ASOS order.

The necklace is one of ASOS’s reclaimed vintage pieces and I absolutely love it. The belt is a new upgrade from my last circle buckled belt that has literally fallen to pieces, don’t buy cheap products from chuffin China on eBay.

I seriously love Manchester. I love how immensely diverse the city is and how there’s always a bit of something for everyone. I’m not alone in the love love lovin in Manchester, the spirits since the May 2017 bombing have been unreal. Busses continue to ride around the city wearing digital “WE <3 MANCHESTER” signs and posters still sit proudly in shop windows.

Above else I think that the street art is especially amazing. I have a lot of respect for people taking it to that extra level to try and boost peoples moral and coat Manchester in really positive art.

I don’t just go to Manchester to walk around the city feeling lovey and look at street art, I go there to SHOP. The Northern Quarter holds one of my favourite shopping destinations of all time (after Brick Ln) – Afflecks Palace. What a mad palace it is. I remember the first time my mad mum took mini me and I’ve never been so fascinated (and slightly scared) in my life. You can get weird american sweets, fancy dress, food, piercings, henna, crystals, music, vintage clothes, clothes and more clothes.

How cool is that wig though? Me and Chloe had some serious fun today wondering around. We mainly liked Huk, Moloko, No Angel and Pop Boutique’s mini shops.

Affleck’s Palace is like a live art exhibition, you don’t even have to be into all of the clothes or goods they’re selling, just looking around the place is cool. There’s mint art all over the walls and crazy shit every where. You’re never bored.

Outside Afflecks is Cow Vintage which is dead popular and the store itself is actually really cool.

In Cow vintage I made 2 amazing (and naughty) purchases. Recently I’ve been a bit obsessed with front tie tops. I think they’re so simple and they look totally effortless and casual. I’ve been waiting to find a cute one to purchase but I’ve only come across extortionate but immensely beautiful ones on Reformation, or cheap looking ones on PrettyLittleThing.

But then in COW vintage I came across these 2 beauties…

HOW AMAZING. I couldn’t decide between them and besides they’re so different anyway?! Lol. They were pretty expensive for what they are to say it’s a bit of basic material – both were £52 together. But dya know what idgaf ’cause I love them.

Some inspo…

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