The Social Saviour

Let's face it... Social Media is life! And if you can't face it; you're more than likely in denial! That's a pretty bold statement isn't it...?

But let's think about it for a moment, can you ACTUALLY imagine life without social media...? Well no, not unless you plan on going all 'Bear Grylls' on us and move to a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific to live a life of solidarity for the rest of your days... Without social media how would you stay in touch with your friends - do text messages still exist these days? What about meeting a future partner? - Gone are the days of bumping into someone of fancy in a night-club or bar; everyone's too busy posturing to give a damn! And for me in particular, how on earth would I keep up-to-date with the latest eatery openings, new menus and all that damn avocado on toast? - There are just so many; it'd be impossible to happen upon them by chance of walking past...

Let's just agree... Social media has a magnitude of uses and is, whether you like it or not, a part of society today... And a major part at that! I'm thirty-one years old now, and I clearly remember the birth of the 'social media platform' - An unforgettable moment in time; one for the history books... It was something new, exciting; a place to express yourself to the world, speak your mind and share with others; YOU! - your personality, your interests... your LIFE! MySpace was the first platform I joined (let's not pretend I remember the year), then came Facebook; begrudgingly for me at the time... then Twitter, then Instagram and so on... I've tried them all! Some I love, some not so much... But the concept is the same, they essentially provide you with an online stage in which to express yourself; a hub to keep in touch with friends, family and those relatives you just don't really see that much anymore... And for those reasons, I simply love it! Social media has in recent months been given its fair share of bad press... Linked of course to issues surrounding body confidence amongst youngsters, fake news, and fake profiles; or 'cat-fishing', and so it's quick to forget the positive impact that social media has had on the world we live in. One person in particular who has benefited greatly from social media (and she won't mind me mentioning her here...) is my beloved Mum. My Mum originally began using Facebook to promote herself as a politician in the Isle of Man. Her page was used to discuss political matters and to keep in touch with her constituents. Since retiring; after losing my dad, my mum has, I guess, found comfort from using Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family - sharing photographs of her daily dogs walks, memories of yesteryear and recent adventures abroad. Facebook has acted as a companion or so to speak; a community space for her to remain social everyday. I have also benefited from social media in my life... I met my life partner through Facebook, managed to secure free products through promotion on Instagram, and of course I've been able to share content written on my blog to millions of potential readers all around the world. Social media provides a platform for me to pursue my many interests and hobbies.... I have been able to follow my favourite DJ's; listen to new music, identify new tracks to enhance my MP3 library and discover festivals abroad in a variety of countries that I simply would have missed had social media not existed today.

I have also been able to share my keen and active interests in health and fitness; promoting myself as a Physique athlete, meeting like-minded competitors from around the country, gain sponsorship/affiliation deals with supplement brands, and build-up a following of people who have an interest in what I have to say and do. It's also been a fantastic way for me to discover new eateries, local food festivals and special events in my area, of which had I not been an active user on social media; would probably have been missed entirely. I am now participant to a couple of 'Instagram Pods', which have essentially come about through my active sharing of content on social media and my blog. These pods are a great way to gain additional interaction on Instagram, and are filled with like-minded individuals who all share the same passion for, in my case, food, health and fitness. So before you decide to hit 'Delete my profile' or think about taking a hiatus, it's definitely worth remembering all the positives social media has on the world we live in today. Of course, everything in moderation - no one likes a person glued to their mobile phone 24 hours a day. Nevertheless; if you're like me and have a passion about something, even if it is something as obvious as food; cookery, baking cakes and such like then platforms such as Instagram can provide you with an excellent platform in which to promote yourself, and your business... Who knows what doors my be opened to you as a result of your social media extravagance. Feel as passionate about social media as I do? Then spread the love; give this a share!

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