Oké Poké

This is my first restaurant review in Manchester and I’m so pleased it was at Oké Poké. This is Manchester’s first traditional Hawaiian poké restaurant. Poké (pronounced poh-kay) is a Hawaiian street food which is also considered to be typically healthy. Traditionally, poké consists of raw fish, vegetables and other sauces and mix-ins so it kinda resembles a deconstructed sushi bowl.

So Oké Poké officially opened just yesterday and I was invited for their launch party which was absolutely entertaining. The place is small yet colorful and has an energetic vibe. The staff are extremely friendly.

You can choose from their signature poké bowl combinations, which I recommend because they know what they’re doing! Otherwise you also have the option to build your own poké bowl. They have chicken and vegan options too, so it’s completely alright if you don’t eat fish, you can still enjoy their poké bowls which begin from just £7.95. A pokérito starts from £6.95 and it is basically poké ingredients wrapped into a burrito – so ‘pokérito’, get it?! LOL

We got tasters first, little adorable poké boats of Lomi Lomi and Classic Ahi.

Lomi Lomi has salmon, quinoa, mango, cucumber, spring onion, celery, mixed leaves and walnuts topped with pomegranate sauce. The combination is just unbelievable, the red quinoa paired really well with salmon and the mango just boosted the flavours of the whole dish.

The Classic Ahi comprises of sushi rice, tuna, avocado, carrot, cucumber, spring onion and sesame seeds topped with the classic sauce. It was delicious! And I think my favourite of the lot too. I wish they would put the mango in this one too lol cos they have some really tasty mangoes!

The Teriyaki Jack is made up of chicken, edamame, pickled ginger, radish, black rice and lots of greens topped with teriyaki sauce. The poké tasted brilliant. Don’t you think anything with edamame is just amazing?

Then I tried an entire poké bowl of Another Day in Paradise which is a heavenly fusion of cooked prawns, sushi rice, cucumber, pineapples, red cabbage, tobiko and spring onions topped with some tangy tamarind sauce! Their ingredients are so fresh that I went all in my ‘healthy phase’ for a good hour. My poké bowl was extremely tasteful. I didn’t get a chance to try Tofutastic but I am definitely coming back here to have it!

Do not hesitate to ask for a change of sauce in your poké, Oké Poké has some splendid choices – classic (soy, garlic and ginger), Ikiki (which is super spicy hot), tamarind, pomegranate, teriyaki and Oké Poké wasabi.

They also have an excellent selection of fresh juices, protein shakes and smoothies. I tasted the honey boo protein shake which was very filling and yummy. Poké bowl/pokérito + fresh drink = perfect lunch takeaway! And healthy too! This is definitely gonna be my pit stops for lunch meals.

Check out their gorgeous website on http://okepoké.co.uk/ where you will also find links to their social media accounts. For me, Oké Poké was a wonderful experience. The quality of food is outstanding and the creativity in their menu is certainly exciting. I’m going there next week to try the Tofutastic poké, who’s coming with me? ;)

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