Twitter and Yelp partnership means ratings can be added to tweets!

Twitter and Yelp have partnered up to enhance integration between the two apps in the UK and Japan following a similar roll out in Germany last month.

According to TechCrunch, users will be able to add Yelp geotags to their tweets that will include a location’s Yelp rating and address.

It’s becoming increasingly important for marketers to capture mobile location data. It allows them to assess and analyse buyer behavior and launch new advertising opportunities.

Designed to boost brand engagement marketers can use tags to create posts that provide Twitter users with useful information about their company without them having to leave the app.

It will also be possible for users to search for restaurants, shops, products and services by location tags to find the information that they need.

The location and habits of individual users will be monitored by Twitter and Yelp. The captured data will be sold to advertisers to improve targeting in ad campaigns and will generate huge revenue streams for both apps in the future.

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