5 Reasons to Use Snapchat in your Social Media Strategy

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  1. Reach

Snapchat is the fastest-growing social network with over 100 million daily active users.

2. Competition

Most businesses use Facebook as their primary platform in their social media strategy (with good reason) but of those businesses who do use Facebook only 2% use Snapchat. This level of competition really means that anyone investing their time in Snapchat can really steal the show!

3. Convenience

You can post content to Snapchat whenever you like – there’s no timeline for your story to get lost in! Your story remains until viewed by your followers at which point they can choose to watch again or send a chat – which enables you to add a personal touch to a particularly engaged follower making them feel valued!

4. Engagement

The app is set up to result in the highest possible engagement – with Taco Bell’s Nicholas Tran claiming their Snaps are opened by at least 80% of their following – with 90% watching until the end! Not only that but the limited views mean that you have their undivided attention for 10 seconds – perfect!

5. It’s fun!

You’ve only got 10 seconds to grab your end user’s attention, entertain them and deliver a message! Snapchat is all about showing your business “behind the scenes” -here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Special Events

  • Products being made

  • Team outings

  • Teasers for new products

  • Special offers

  • Seasonal celebrations

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